ISCA Media Release – Chaplaincy Program Extension Welcomed

The Independent Schools Council of Australia (ISCA) has today welcomed the Federal Government’s extra $222 million commitment to extend the National School Chaplaincy Program (NSCP) and enable an additional 1000 schools the opportunity to participate in the program.

Mr Bill Daniels, Executive Director of ISCA, said that the NSCP is a distinctive program that provides care and support to students, staff and families in school communities and is strongly supported by independent schools.

“The strong take-up of the NSCP in independent schools is an indication that it is valued by many schools in the independent sector and their broader communities,” said Mr Daniels.

“The Government has provided certainty of funding for schools currently operating under the NSCP and has encouraged other schools to apply for support under this popular program.”

“The Independent sector highly values choice and diversity in the provision of schooling. Empowering schools to choose the service providers that will deliver student welfare support is a positive outcome for independent schools. We welcome any move that allows schools the choice in determining the services that best suit the needs of their school communities” said Mr Daniels.

The full media release is available in Media Releases.

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