ISCA Supports Coalition’s Ten Principles for School Funding

The Independent Schools Council of Australia (ISCA) has welcomed the ten principles that underpin the Federal Coalition’s approach to student funding that were announced last night in an address to the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute by Shadow Education Minister Christopher Pyne MP.

ISCA’s Executive Director, Mr Bill Daniels said today that the independent schools sector was broadly supportive of all of the principles outlined in Mr Pyne’s speech.

“The independent schools sector congratulates the Coalition for its support of parental choice and diversity of schooling,” said Mr Daniels.

“The Coalition has sent a clear signal that it encourages parental investment in schooling. Parents make a significant financial investment in their children’s education at independent schools through the payment of school fees, fundraising and donations. Currently, parents of students in independent schools outlay more than $4 billion per year in after-tax income.”

“The Coalition’s Ten Principles acknowledge the importance of establishing a funding model that is stable and predictable, giving parents and schools funding certainty and provides a reasonable per student basic entitlement for all students regardless of school sector.”

The full media release is available in Media Releases.

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