Gonski Recommendations Deserve Further Consideration

The Board of the Independent Schools Council of Australia (ISCA) has signalled its intent to work with the Gonski Review’s recommendations as the basis for establishing a new schools funding model.

The Executive Director of ISCA, Mr Bill Daniels, commended the Review Panel for achieving the seemingly impossible task of recommending a funding model which has been met with general support from across the education sector.

“While ISCA’s priority will be to ensure appropriate funding for all independent schools, the Gonski recommendations provide the opportunity to overhaul funding for all schools in a way that avoids any incentive for unproductive cross-sectoral debate,” said Mr Daniels.

“ISCA considers that the Gonski recommendations are worthy of further development. ISCA is keen to work with the Australian Government and State/Territory Governments and other school sectors to test the modelling and to refine and progress the outcomes of the Review. Funding certainty is critical for independent schools and ISCA will be seeking access to modelling and data as a priority,” said Mr Daniels.

The full media statement is available in Media Releases.

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