Quality education report launched

Quality should be the ultimate goal and driver of education policy, suggests a new research report, Beyond Gonski: Reviewing the Evidence on Quality Education. The report was released by the Public Policy Institute (PPI) of the Australian Catholic University on 18 March in Sydney and 19 March in Brisbane.

“Quality might be headlined in every government statement, but it is not reflected in policy,” Professor Scott Prasser, Executive Director of the Public Policy Institute and co-author of the report, said today.

Reviewing the Evidence on Quality Education provides an up-to-date review of education policies, strategies and practices that improve education outcomes for all. The report has been supported by the Independent Schools Council of Australia (ISCA) to provide independent analysis of this important public policy issue and reflects the Independent school sector’s strong commitment to developing a quality schooling system in Australia.

The full  research report is available in ISCA publications.

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