Report on School Funding Misleading

A recently released report by Chris Bonnor and Bernie Shepherd on school funding (Private school, public cost – How school funding is closing the wrong gaps), attempts to predict the impact of projected school funding increases, yet is based on a number of misleading assumptions and fails to adequately contextualise many of the authors’ calculations.

The report purports to project historical school funding data forward, showing that half of all Independent school students will get as much or more than government school students by the end of the decade. However, the report does not take into account the introduction at the beginning of 2014 of the new Schooling Resource Standard (SRS) funding model by the Australian Government.

The funding assumptions in the paper are based on data from 2009 to 2013 which were the last five years of the old SES funding model. The new SRS funding model is projected to deliver significant additional Australian Government funding for all government schools, according to the 2015-16 Commonwealth Budget papers. Once fully implemented, the Australian Government’s contribution to the SRS funding model will deliver the same funding growth to all education sectors.

The full media statement is available in Media Releases.

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