Commonwealth Commitment to Real Funding Growth Welcomed

The Independent Schools Council of Australia (ISCA) has today welcomed the Commonwealth Government’s decision to link the growth in Commonwealth funding for schools to a measure which reflects real increases in the costs of school education. This decision is expected to contribute an additional $1.2 billion to schools over the three years from 2018-2020.

According to ISCA Executive Director, Ms Colette Colman, “this decision will help maintain the real value of Commonwealth funding to Independent schools which is critical to ensuring the ongoing affordability and sustainability of Independent schools”.

“Independent schools are funded through a partnership between parents and school communities, the Commonwealth Government and state and territory governments. The Commonwealth Government is a significant funding partner, particularly for medium and low fee Independent schools, which make up the vast majority of the Independent sector”, Ms Colman said.

Read ISCA’s full media release here.

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