ISCA announces release of Snapshot 2016

The Independent Schools Council of Australia is pleased to announce the 2016 release of its annual Snapshot of key facts and statistics about the Independent school sector. Now in its 13th year of publication, ISCA’s annual Snapshot is distributed nationally to provide accurate information about Independent schools to the sector and broader community.

ISCA’s Executive Director Colette Colman said that, “Over the years we have been publishing the Snapshot, it has proven itself to be a well-regarded and highly valued resource. The facts and figures presented in it are compiled through rigorous analysis of a range of Government data sources, and the Snapshot is widely utilised across all school sectors, Government departments, educational organizations and media.”

Popular sections of the Snapshot include a breakdown of the size and composition of the Independent school sector; a comparison of school enrolment figures and changes across the Independent, Catholic and Government school sectors; and an overview of how Governments fund Independent schools, with charts comparing the funding of all three sectors.

The ISCA snapshot 2016 is available online as a printable PDF. It is also available as a fold out pocketbook guide which can be ordered by contacting ISCA.

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