Independent sector stresses need for accurate analysis of school funding

The Independent Schools Council of Australia (ISCA) has today stressed the importance of informed and accurate analysis of the issues surrounding school funding.

Recent analysis of school funding trends ignores the different roles played by the Commonwealth Government and state and territory governments in funding school education, and this difference is critical to understanding how Australian schools are funded.

The majority of public recurrent funding for government schools, close to 90%, is provided by state and territory governments, with just over 10% provided by the Commonwealth Government.  The opposite is true for non-government schools, with the majority of public funding provided by the Commonwealth Government.

ISCA Executive Director Colette Colman said that, “Analysis that compares funding between government and non-government schools without looking at the full Commonwealth Government, and state and territory government, funding picture is meaningless and potentially misleading.”

Ms Colman added that, “funding of Independent schools is a partnership between parents, school communities, the Commonwealth Government and state and territory governments.  The major funder of Independent schools are parents and school communities which provide almost 60% of the income for Independent schools.”

See here to view or download ISCA Media Release

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