Independent school funding in similar overall position to other sectors

The Independent Schools Council of Australia (ISCA) has generated the following modelling to show the Independent sector as a percentage of their full SRS entitlement, if the same methodology was applied to the Independent sector as has been applied to Catholic and Government systems in recent analysis.

The figures show the funding status of the Independent school sector in each state if the sector was treated as a system for funding purposes.

ISCA Executive Director Colette Colman said that, “Commentary highlighting Independent schools only as being ‘over-funded’ demonstrates a lack of understanding of the whole picture of school funding in Australia. The only reason Independent schools are being held-up as ‘over-funded’ is because they are stand-alone schools and not part of a school system.”


Independent school sector position as a percentage of their full SRS entitlement


NSW 98.5%
NT 81.5%
QLD 91.5%
SA 86.6%
TAS 80.7%
VIC 91.9%
WA 94.4%

Source: ISCA.

Figures exclude a small proportion of Independent schools which are already part of a system.
* Due to special circumstances applying in the ACT, it is not possible to accurately represent ACT figures.

Despite recent media headlines that single out individual Independent schools, ISCA modelling shows that if treated consistently the Independent sector is in a similar position to the Catholic and/ or Government sectors.

Ms Colman went on to say that, “If the Independent sector were to operate as a school system, schools deemed to be overfunded would also be hidden by the system average, exactly as overfunded schools in the Catholic and government sectors are now.”

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