Independent schools welcome passage of funding reforms

The Independent Schools Council of Australia (ISCA) has welcomed the successful passage through the Parliament of the Australian Government’s Australian Education Amendment Bill 2017.

ISCA Executive Director Colette Colman said that, “The legislation represents a move towards fairer and more consistent Australian Government school funding. ISCA strongly supports a sector blind, needs-based funding model, consistently applied across the non-government school sector.”

The passage of this legislation also provides much needed funding certainty for Independent schools, critical for essential financial planning.

Ms Colman also said that, “The move from a ten-year to six-year transition rate for the majority of Independent schools, which are transitioning up to 80% of their SRS entitlement, is a particularity positive outcome for the Independent sector.”

The changes will also have a positive impact on those Independent schools serving amongst the most educationally disadvantaged students in Australia. Independent special schools serving high need students with disability and majority-Indigenous schools will receive additional funding under the model, along with low-fee Independent schools serving low-SES communities.

In addition, ISCA recognises the establishment of a National School Resourcing Board as a vehicle to monitor and enhance the school funding model, and acknowledges the Government’s undertaking that the Board will include representation from the Independent school sector alongside representatives from other sectors.

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