Independent schools are Australia’s fastest growing school sector

Parents continue to show a high degree of confidence in Independent schools, with the latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showing the Independent school sector recording its strongest growth in more than 10 years.
Independent Schools Council of Australia (ISCA) Chief Executive Officer, Dr David Mulford, today said that, “In 2019 there was a net increase of 10 Independent schools in Australia, with Independent student numbers growing by over 14,000. These numbers show that parents have strong confidence in Independent schools.”
Independent schools have been Australia’s fastest growing school sector over the last decade, with the latest figure of a 2.5 per cent growth in full time equivalent enrolments being the sector’s highest since 2008. The 2019 figures show that Independent schools represent 14.8 per cent of all Australian school enrolments, and 19.0 per cent of all secondary enrolments.
Dr Mulford added that, “In 2019 the Independent school sector also recorded the largest growth of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander enrolments at 7.1 per cent.”
In 2019, Independent school enrolment growth was recorded across all fee levels, with the strongest growth in low fee (below $5,000 per annum) Independent schools.

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