School Statistics


Statistical information on Independent schools and their place within Australian schooling as a whole. This page will be updated with more statistics as new data becomes available. Please note that the Australian Bureau of Statistics data used for these tables does not include independent Catholic enrolments or schools as part of the Independent sector. When including independent Catholic schools, the Independent sector share increases to close to 1,080 schools and over 567,000 students, 16 percent of all school enrolments in Australia.


Independent Sector Overview 2020


Number of Schools in Australia by Sector and Type 2011 – 2020


Full-Time Enrolments by Sector and Level of Schooling 2016 – 2020

Staff – Teaching

Number and FTE of Teaching Staff by State and Sector 2020

Staff – Non-Teaching

Number and FTE of Non-Teaching Staff by State and Sector 2020


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