ARCHIVE of Articles and Opinion Pieces


Non-Government Schools and the Quality Schools package. ASBA Associate. November 2017

Independent Schools and the NCCD. From Independence Vol 42 No 2 October 2017

Outdated copyright rules costing our education system dearly (Australian Financial Review, 26 October 2017)

Choosing a school: A strong online presence vs face-to-face contact – ASBA Associate. May 2017


Get ready for NAPLAN Online in 2017_ASBA Nov 2016

Capital Funding – Busting a popular myth on school funding – Opinion Piece, June 2016

Why Should Governments Support Non-Gov Schools_ASBA April 2016


Funding Stability Important for Schools – Australian Financial Review, August 2013 (under the title ‘Funding decision welcome’)

Gonski: Pressure cooker politics – Opinion Piece, March 2013

School Funding is a can of worms – Australian Financial Review, February 2013 (under the title ‘School plan a step backwards’)


Under Construction – Future funding arrangements for schools – ASBA Associate, June 2012

The Gonski Report – Independence, May 2012

Acclaim, but will Gonski fly? (extract) – The Age, February 2012


Funding for Schooling – the transparency agenda – ASBA Associate, June 2011

My School 2.0 and independent schools – Independence, May 2011


Federal Funding Review – Independence, May 2010


The case for a better deal for students with a disability – Independent School Business, November 2009

Diversity debunks elitism myth – The Australian, September 2009

All schools have a role to play in Australia’s economic recovery – Opinion Piece, June 2009

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