What is Gonski 2.0? (Updated)

Gonski 2.0 has been widely used in the media as a term for the Australian Government’s school funding legislative changes passed on 23 June 2017. Amendments to the Australian Education Act 2013 (the Act) passed through the Federal Parliament to give effect to the Australian Government’s Quality Schools package.

The term Gonski 2.0 is in reference to the previous work of Mr David Gonski AC as the author of  the Review of Funding for Schooling – Final Report Dec 2011, commissioned by the Federal Minister for Education in 2010.  Commonly referred to as the Gonski Review, the review examined the school funding system in Australia and made a set of recommendations to the federal, state and territory governments.

Mr David Gonski AC has now led a new review called the Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian SchoolsThis was commissioned by the Turnbull government to build the evidence base needed to ensure the additional funding provided by the Australian Government is spent on proven initiatives that make a difference to student outcomes.

The Review did not reconsider the calculation of Commonwealth or state funding for schools, which was the subject of the 2011 Review of Funding for Schooling

For the Review Mr David Gonski AC was supported by an expert panel, including:

  • Dr Ken Boston AO
  • Mr Terrey Arcus AM
  • Dr Lisa O’Brien
  • Ms Valerie Gould
  • Dr Lee-Anne Perry AM
  • Ms Wendy Johnson
  • Mr Michael Roberts

Release of the Gonski 2.0 Report

The final report Through Growth to Achievement: Report of the Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools was presented to the Minister in March 2018 and was publicly released on 30 April 2018.

The Review Panel consulted with a broad range of stakeholders and experts, and received nearly 300 submissions from teachers, principals, professional associations, teachers’ unions, parents and carers, school systems, state and territory governments, researchers, universities, community organisations, and business and industry.

In the report the panel identified three priorities;

  • Deliver at least one year’s growth in learning for every student every year
  • Equip every student to be a creative, connected and engaged learner in a rapidly changing world
  • Cultivate an adaptive, innovative and continuously improving education system

The panel also made 23 recommendations across five areas to address these priorities.

  1. Laying the foundations of learning
  2. Equipping every student to grow and succeed in a changing world
  3. Creating, supporting and valuing a profession of expert educators
  4. Empowering and supporting school leaders
  5. Raising and achieving aspirations through innovation and continuous improvement


For more information, including the Terms of Reference for the Review, visit https://www.education.gov.au/review-achieve-educational-excellence-australian-schools




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