Media release: Independent schools educating one in six Australian students

21 April 2021

Independent schools now educate 1 in 6 Australian students, according to Independent Schools Australia’s (ISA) newly released Independent Schools at a Glance 2021.

ISA’s annual At a Glance collection of the latest key facts and figures, also identifies that the sector’s highest student growth is in low fee schools and that Independent schools are now contributing $7.9 billion in salaries to the Australian economy.

The release of Independent Schools at a Glance 2021, coincides with the announcement by ISA that it has completed a major rebranding with a new logo and visual identity.

ISA Chief Executive Officer, Margery Evans, said that, “We are thrilled that At a Glance is our first 2021 publication to be released using our new look. Last year our organisation commenced a journey of review, reflection and reinvigoration that began with a change of name to Independent Schools Australia. This rebrand marks the culmination of that process as well as being a significant milestone in our 50 years as an organisation.”

Ms Evans, who commenced with ISA in September last year, explained that the rebrand has been implemented to better reflect ISA’s national structure and approach as an organisation working to promote the contribution and diversity of the Independent school sector.

In explaining the philosophy behind the new logo, Ms Evans said, “At the centre of ISA’s new visual identify is a mobius strip – a continuous surface that simultaneously faces inwards and outwards.

When rotated three dimensionally the mobius strip offers different perspectives to the viewer signifying the diversity and choice that characterises the Independent sector.”

ISA is the peak body representing 1,187 Independent schools with 667,259 enrolled students.

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