Submission: A migration system for Australia’s future

15 December 2022

This submission focuses on the Student Visa Program and the current barriers to bringing in teachers and other school staff on Temporary Skill Shortage visas to meet the very great need in schools now.

Key points

  • The Independent school sector relies on the migration program, particularly the temporary visa program, to facilitate the movement of students, teachers, and other staff across a range of visa types.
  •  ISA has key concerns with the student visa program relating to visa processing, cost, and the Genuine Temporary Entry (GTE) requirement.
  • Consideration should be given to allocating points for skilled migration for study in an Australian school.
  •  ISA recommends the inclusion of teaching and other school staff in the medium to long term list in the Temporary Skill Shortage visa category.
  • ISA is concerned whether the Skills Priority List is adequately responsive to the views of industry in recognising and addressing skills needs, particularly given the current pressing skills shortages, including teachers.
  • Any changes to Australia’s Migration System, including the temporary visa program, need to be worked through extensively in consultation with impacted industries and sectors.