Submission: Review to Inform a Better and Fairer Education System

16 August 2023

ISA prepared this submission in response to the Review to Inform a Better and Fairer Education System Consultation Paper. ISA consulted with the state and territory Associations of Independent Schools in preparing this submission.

Independent schools can make a valuable contribution to the development of the reform agenda, and to finding and being part of solutions. The autonomy of Independent schools means that they are ideally placed to trial and evaluate programs and initiatives, they are able to innovate, and are often early adopters of new technologies and pedagogical approaches.

Associations of Independent Schools (AISs) in each state / territory develop and fund initiatives and programs for action research in Independent schools. Some Independent schools also partner with universities, engaging in action research to develop evidence-based strategies to improve teaching and learning. Funding for these types of initiatives in all sectors is essential if national initiatives are to be sustainable.

All sectors of education are committed to improving the educational outcomes of all Australian students, including those that from a range of equity cohorts. Independent schools serve highly educationally disadvantaged students, including those from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, students with disabilities, and students from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Supporting these students requires skilled staff, customized facilities, and partnerships with support services.