Submission: The Draft Early Years Strategy 2024-2034

9 February 2024

The Draft Early Years Strategy 2024-2034 provides an opportunity for stakeholders to work together to develop a national policy roadmap that aims to achieve the Vision, that "All children in Australia thrive in their early years. They reach their full potential, nurtured by empowered and connected families, who in turn are supported by strong communities."

All families deserve equitable access to affordable quality early childhood education and care and allied health services. This includes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, children from regional and remote areas and children with disability. It is important that a national strategy encompasses the social determinants of health and wellbeing to allow young children to thrive and grow in ways that meet their individual needs.

Independent Schools Australia (ISA) supports the Australian Government’s commitment to break down service silos in the early years and encourage stakeholder collaboration, development of stronger strategic relationships, and a holistic approach to supporting young children and their families.