Parents’ engagement with their school

An effective parent/carer’s relationship with a school is an important part of a child’s schooling. Good communication between parent/carers and the school is vital to ensure that a strong partnership is maintained.

In most circumstances, if issues arise parents are encouraged to discuss them directly with their child’s teacher. If an issue cannot be dealt with at th­e class level then parents may choose to make an appointment to discuss it with a school leader.

Unlike government and Catholic schools, the majority of Independent schools do not have a centralised authority like a Catholic Diocese or government Department of Education to govern their operations. While some Independent schools belong to systems, most are governed by their own school board or school council.

School boards or councils are responsible for the strategic direction of the school. While they do not deal with the day to day running of the school, they are responsible for overseeing school policies regarding management, finances, compliance and processes. For information about a school’s board or council please contact the school directly.

Independent schools have policies and procedures in place for many areas of day to day school management that can be made available to parents and carers. They are usually found on the school’s website or copies can be requested from the school.

Independent schools are highly accountable. They are responsible to their local communities and they must comply with the legislative, regulatory and mandatory reporting requirements that apply to all schools.

What is ISA’s role?

Independent Schools Australia (ISA) does not have any authority over Independent schools and is not the governing body for any Independent schools.

ISA’s role is to advocate on behalf of the Independent school sector and to represent the interests of the sector on a national basis in relation to Australian Government funding and other national policy issues.

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