2 June 2023

ISA partnered with McCrindle Research to explore how Independent schools make a contribution that extends far beyond the school gate.

Education in all its forms is a central part of building a flourishing, prosperous and sustainable society. Schools, teachers, education leaders, policy makers, parents and community members across all sectors are invested in making meaningful social contributions through education.

Independent Schools Australia has commissioned this research to measure and articulate the ways in which Independent schools, in their diverse contexts, contribute to the wider community now and into the future. This research seeks to:

  • Understand the ways Independent schools serve their local, national and global communities and the social benefit they provide
  • Recognise and articulate the positive impact Independent schools have on students, parents and families
  • Explore the experiences of Independent school graduates and their contribution to society after their education.
Image courtesy of  Huntingtower in Melbourne

This report is a collation of insights and data from primary research and supplementary sources (for methodology and sources please see pages 52 and 53). The primary research in this project consisted of two parts. The first, a Parents Insights Survey, was an online survey of parents with a child/children attending an Independent school. A second survey, the School Insights Survey, was distributed to Independent schools across Australia through the state and territory Independent school associations.

Beyond the data, however, this report describes the positive impact Independent schools have every day on their students, and communities. This story is key to understanding the role played by Independent schools in their communities.