These submissions reflect the views of the associations of Independent schools.

Submission to Education Services for Overseas Students


The non-government school sector is concerned that any significant changes to the ESOS framework now, and which are designed to address issues that are not occurring in the school sector, could adversely impact the school sector’s recovery from the impacts of the pandemic.

Submission DGR Category for Pastoral Care Services


While the current intention is for the DGR category to be complementary with the NSCP, there is a concern that in the future, the government may add remove access to or create needs-based eligibility criteria to the NSCP. If this were to occur, a school with a DGR fund for pastoral care, may no longer be able to access NSCP funding. This is of significant concern to those schools currently accessing the NSCP.

ISA Submission – Inquiry into Social Media and Online Safety


The development of evidence-based, age-appropriate resources and training for students, families and teachers in addition to access to quality in-person and online counselling services, will provide a comprehensive national response for the protection of young Australians.

2022-23 Budget submission


This submission to the Federal Budget highlights three areas of concern for Independent schools: Support for learners' wellbeing, support for choice, and support for implementing national reform priorities.