Trends in Key Economic Parameters: An Economic Context for Independent Schools in Australia (Mid year update)

October 2020 UPDATE

ISA’s Trends in Key Economic Parameters is a research report examining trends in key economic parameters using ABS price index data, school-based ABS data and ACARA data to provide a picture of the economic environment in Australia as it relates to schooling.

This latest October update contains new CPI figures by major city (September quarter), unemployment rates by state (September month) and consumer confidence index figures (September month).

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Snapshot 2020: Independent Schooling in Australia

Snapshot 2020 is the Independent Schools Council of Australia’s latest release of its annual publication of key facts and statistics about the Independent school sector.


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The Independent School Student: A Demographic Profile

Released July 2018

An in-depth ISCA report providing analysis of the available ABS 2016 Population & Housing Census statistics, exploring the key demographics of the Australian school age population. This report presents a broad-brush profile of students attending schools across the three school sectors, highlighting any differences among them, and contrasting these profiles with the Australian population in general. Where relevant and possible, the student population in the Independent sector is further investigated, by drilling down into the data based on the available Census variables.

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The Changing Face of Australian Schooling – An ISCA Analysis of the ABS 2016 Census of Population & Housing

Released June 2018
ISCA’s analysis of 2016 Census of Population and Housing examines trends across all school sectors in areas including enrolment share and growth, family income, dependent children, students recently arrived in Australia and religious affiliation.

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Barriers and Bureaucracy, Bridges and Brokers

Feb 2018

An ISCA commissioned review analysing current ABSTUDY payments and providing recommendations for improvement, particularly in relation to Indigenous boarding students.

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Factors Influencing School Choice – ISCA Research Report 2017

Released April 2017
In 2016 ISCA commissioned research to explore the factors that affect school choice amongst parents of children attending Independent schools. This follows similar research published by ISCA a decade earlier.

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Independent Schools Queensland

Discussion paper: Autonomy and School Leadership: An Independent Schooling Perspective

May 2017


Association of Independent Schools of South Australia:

Research project: The Impact of Humanoid Robots on Student Learning 2015-2018

April 2018

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